Ethiopian Diaspora Denounce Extremists in Demonstration Held in Brussels

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demonstration-brusselsMembers of Ethiopian Diaspora from all over Europe staged a demonstration on 28 November 2016 in front of the seat of European Union in Brussels, Belgium.

The demonstrators denounced terrorist organizations which threaten the unity and existence of Ethiopia.

Condemning the terroristic activities of the so-called Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front, and Ginbot 7 which are agents of the Eritrean Government, they demanded that EU take the necessary measure.

They specifically asked EU to stop Mrs. Anna Gomes from inviting the leaders of Ginbot 7 to the European Parliament.

The demonstrators expressed their support for the Ethiopian government in its endeavor to extract the country from poverty and build peace, infrastructure and a democratic system.

The over 350 demonstrators stated that the terrorist groups  pause threat to the existence of the country.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to EU Teshome Toga held discussion with the representatives of the diaspora.

During the discussion the ambassador said the world is witnessing efforts by the government to uplift the country from backwardness and poverty.

He added that the government is also trying to solve the problems that arose in the process of transformation by applying deep reform and expanding the political space for opposition parties.

Ambassador Teshome Toga stressed that the government is determined to strengthen civic organizations and to improve the electoral law and respond to issues of good governance, unemployment among the youth, and other development concerns voiced by the public.

According to him, some extremist members of the diaspora in Europe are working day and night to disrupt the peace in Ethiopia by exploiting grievances of the public to disintegrate the country.

These forces have been smearing the image of the country by disseminating false information and organizing recurrent demonstrations in front of the European parliament, he added.

He thanked the demonstrators for exposing the extremists by holding demonstrations and asked them to intensify the cooperation based on principle with their sincere fellow citizens.

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