Ethiopia joins the esteemed list of Lonely Planet in tourist destinations for 2017

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Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide-book publisher, named Ethiopia among the top ten 2017 world tourist destinations.

The travel publisher added a vivid depiction of the country’s breathtaking attractions and advised tourists to trek in the Semien Mountains “to watch wildlife that roams nowhere else on Earth”, climb to a church carved into a remote cliff face in Tigray or boat across “the serene waters of Lake Tana to visit an age-old monastery.”

Ethiopia was the only African nation to make it through the esteemed list and join Canada, Colombia, Finland, Dominica, Nepal, Bermuda, Mongolia, Oman and Myanmar.

Ethiopia, the home of ancient African civilizations, the origin of human kind, and the land of literatures which passed the trail of the millenniums, the house of people with untapped and well-off cultural experiences is no surprise to be found on such lists much of the time.

Source: MFA Ethiopia

Ethiopian Tourism Destinations. © Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels. Pictures: Ethiopian Tourism Organization.

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