Ethiopia to introduce term limits for the office of Prime Minister

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PM Abiy Ahmed announced his intention to amend the country’s constitution to the effect that terms of office for the Prime Minister to two terms.

Abiy Ahmed told thousands who welcomed him in the Hawassa capital of the Southern regional state that he was committed to deepening democratic reforms in the country. The trip was part of the countrywide tour that Abiy undertook upon taking office on April 2.

“Any leader of the country will not serve in office beyond two terms following the amendment on the constitution,” Abiy said, and added that “seizing power for a lifetime come to a dead end in Ethiopia.”

The current constitution stipulates that the term of office for the Prime Minister is unlimited.

Ethiopia uses a parliamentary system of government where the party with majority seats in parliament nominates a prime minister.

Abiy commended his predecessor, Hailemariam Desalegn, for resisting the temptation to cling to power.

‘‘Hailemariam resigned at a time when he can contribute a lot to his country. However, some leaders refuse to leave office though they have to retire.’‘

The prime minister also responded to various questions raised by participants regarding infrastructure, good governance, corruption, and gender equality among others.

He pledged to prioritise the fight against theft and corruption, improve empowerment of women and fill infrastructure gaps after necessary studies have been conducted to understand the needs.

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