Ethiopia Appoints New Army Chief After Peace Overture to Eritrea

Ethiopia’s army reform continues: PM Abiy Ahmed appointed  Seare Mekonnen as new army chief of staff.  Seare Mekonnen has a specialist’s background on Eritrea, which proves once again that Ethiopia is ready to make peace with the country days after authorities said they’d implement a peace deal with their northern neighbour.

Named one of three deputy chiefs of staff earlier this year, Seare also previously headed the military’s northern command, whose jurisdiction covers areas bordering Eritrea.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pledged in April that the country will “resolve problems” with Eritrea.

Abiy also named Adem Mohammed as the new director-general of the National Intelligence and Security Services. Adem, who previously commanded Ethiopia’s air force, was also appointed as a deputy chief of staff earlier this year.