Eritrea and Ethiopia set to re-establish diplomatic and trade ties

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After long years of hostility, Ethiopia and Eritrea have agreed to restore relations following a landmark meeting between the two countries’ leaders in Asmara. It was the first time in almost 20 years the leaders from the two East African neighbours have met.

In addition, their airlines will start operating; the ports will be accessible, people will be able to move between the two countries and embassies will be opened in their respective capitals.

“If there is peace between Ethiopian and Eritrean people, the Horn of Africa region will be a region of peace and development. Our people who live scattered as refugees in humiliation will come back with dignity. Our citizens will not be sold and exchanged like commodities,“Ethiopian Prime Minister, Dr Abiy Ahmed said.

Direct international telephone connection was also restored on Sunday between Ethiopia and Eritrea for the first time after two decades.

PM Abiy also said that Ethiopia would soon begin using the port of neighbouring Eritrea.

The re-establishment of diplomatic and trade ties after years of separation could mean significant benefits for both nations, and the wider Horn of Africa region, plagued by conflict and poverty.

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