Ginbot 20 colorfully celebrated in Brussels

The Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels colorfully celebrated the 24th anniversary of Ginbot 20 on 30 May 2015 together with many Ethiopians and people from Ethiopian origin living in the Benelux countries. Ginbot 20 anniversary commemorates the fall of the dictatorial regime in 1991 and the establishment of a federal democratic system in Ethiopia.
In his statement, H.E. Ambassador Teshome Toga, Ambassador of Ethiopia to the European Union institutions, Baltic and Benelux States recalled the martyres who sacrificed their life to give Ethiopia a chance to development and democracy. The representative further underlined that this Ginbot 20 celebration is particularly important, as it comes both immediately after the successful election held on 24 May 2015, and also just at the time of the completion of the first edition of the Growth and Transformation Plan.
The 24 May 2015 election has been a success: the Ethiopian people could elect their representatives in a civilized and calm atmosphere by using democratic rights without having to suffer from illegitimate interference. Despite attempts by some groups to undermine the peaceful process, the electoral steps were well- managed and the people was committed to a transparent and fair election. These democratization achievements have been noted by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia. The results of the election show that the incumbent Government received the people’s confidence to continue its development and democratization policy. The Government is ready to lead the country into these transformations.
The Ambassador also underlined that these positive achievements are not to be separated from the good relations Ethiopia is enjoying with its neighbors and international partners. Ethiopia’s foreign policy is based on equality and mutual benefit. In return for this open and fair stance, the country is recognized by the international community as a major and reliable partner.
Ambassador Teshome finally underlined that the Government is not only designing policies that are benefiting the people in Ethiopia, but also the diaspora living abroad. Reciprocally, the diaspora is strongly contributing to the country’s development and democratization process. The members of the diaspora were thanked for this outstanding commitment and welcomed to further engage for the country’s Renaissance.
In a Q&A session, the recent diaspora housing program was presented and discussed. After the celebration, traditional Ethiopian food was served to the participants.
To get a glimpse fo this colorful event, please watch our video!
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