Opposition parties preparing for upcoming elections

Addis Ababa, 2 January 2015 (WIC) – Opposition political parties that are going to contest in the upcoming May elections said they are preparing to be strong competitor.

Opposition parties that ENA has interviewed with said they have already started activities that will help them become strong contestants in the election.

President of Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (Medrek) Beyene Petros (Prof) told ENA that his party is being prepared to be strong contestant at the elections.

The preparation of election manifesto and registration of candidates are among the preparation being carried out.

President of the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), Dr. Chala Kebede said apart from contesting in the elections, the party is working to make it peaceful and democratic.

The Party, one of the signatories to the joint political parties’ council, is striving to actively participate in the council, which he said helps to resolve disputes.

The other Party, United Ethiopian Democratic Forces disclosed that it has already finalized registration of candidates.

President of the Party, Guish Gebre-Silase said the party is going to contest in the nine states. “As the United Ethiopian Democratic Forces is a national party, we are willing and preparing to compete in the nine states. Although we have limited resources we are trying to assign candidates to all regions.”

He lauded the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia for supporting parties regarding finance and provision of trainings on crisis management.

The President urged the Board for the continuation of the support during the election process also, saying his party didn’t encounter any challenge so far.

President of the United Ethiopian Democratic Party, Admasu Hailu for his part said that his party is on the right track to compete in the elections.

“We are in good shape to cast candidates in every part of the country.” he said.

According to him, the Board should work hard to widen the playing fields in order to make the election free and democratic.

Chairperson of the Board Merga Bekana (Prof.) asserted that the political space in Ethiopia has never been wider than now.

“We in the Electoral Board say the political space is wide. When we say it is wide we mean that the service we are providing is satisfying. First we are providing training for the parties using the best people in the area. Second we have a close relation with the parties. We are solving challenges by consulting with regional administrations.”

According to Prof. Merga, the Board has been striving to make the 5th election more successful than the previous ones. (ENA)