The Embassy Celebrates International Women’s Day

The Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels has colourfully celebrated International Women’s Day through roundtable discussion.
H.E. Ambassador Hirut Zemene has opened the program by highlighting landmarks in the policy implementation of national policy of women for the past 30 years by quoting a number of events that took place in Ethiopia during the nation wide celebration of the day.

The Ambassador particularly explained the importance of ascertaining equal access to digital technology for women in ascertaining gender parity, along the theme of the year.

On the occasion, the message of president Sahelework Zewdie marking the International Women’s Day was transmitted.
Mr Belachew Anchiso, minister counsellor of the Embassy, has presented a resource paper on the status of Ethiopian women in various fields of life and the legal and institutional support that have been availed so far as well as issues that need to be looked at to fulfil the national theme of the year “ I am the keeper of my sister”.

Diplomats of the embassy have exchanged views based on the presentation by highlighting issues that need to be looked at improving the working environment for women and advantages of meeting the gaps for digital divide for women. It was also alluded that nurturing an inclusive culture and the value of promoting women in development and leadership that will ascertain economic development.

The ongoing revision of the 30 years old National Policy on Women, in light with making it fit for purpose, was also highlighted during the exchange among members of the Embassy.

It is to be recalled that the global theme of the year for March 8 is “ Digit-All for Innovation and Technology for Gender Party”.