H.E Ambassador Hirut Zemene holds talks with members of Ethiopian communities in Belgium and Luxemburg on the current situation in Ethiopia

H.E Ambassador Hirut Zemene held talks with leaders, representatives, and members of Ethiopian communities in Belgium and Luxembourg on the current situation in Tigray, Ethiopia today (November 14, 20202).
In questions and answer session led by Ambassador Hirut Zemen following her presentation on the current situation, majority of the diaspora communities supported the overall law enforcement efforts of the Federal Government of Ethiopia is taking targeting the group in the TPLF following the violent attack on the National Defense Force.
She noted that the operation is not a civil war or an armed conflict; instead, it is a move to maintain the rule of law and uphold the constitution in the country. She further highlighted that the operation would end as soon as the government’s specific objectives are achieved.
Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin came out in numbers and expressed their resolve to support the Government in its mission to insure the observance of law and order in the country.